Monday, August 31, 2015

My Favorite Little Quote Books

I just got the second book in a series of quote books I love. They are the perfect little books of quotes, measuring only about four inches square. I like to keep mine on the table next to my chair in the living room. That way I can flip through them regularly for inspiration. There are so many creative artists and quotes featured; there are 400 pages with tons of quotes by a variety of artists. Not only are there quotes, but also happy little tidbits such as lists, recipes and inspiring people listed throughout. I found mine in a great local gift shop, but I have spotted the "Think Happy" book at the chain store Francesca's. I have provided the Amazon links below, check them out! They would also make a great gift for quote or design lovers.

You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job 2015

My favorite artists in this edition:

Becca Cahan  (in both books)
Veronica Chen  (in both books)
Aimee Myers Dolich of Artsyville
Unraveled Design (also in other book)
Lindsay Hopkins of Pen and Paint (in both), who made this quote below:

Think Happy, Be Happy: Art, Inspiration, Joy 2013

My favorite artists in this edition:

Alyssa Nassner
Steph Baxter (in both books)
Jessie Schneider of Yellow Button Studio (in both books)
Emily McDowell, also the cover designer (also in both)
Katie Daisy, who created this quote below:


Hope you have a happy day :)


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