Sunday, October 12, 2014

Studio Design App For Fun Photo Effects

(Cloud shapes & text in Lobster font)
Studio Design is my favorite photo app right now for Instagram! I love all the creative possibilities that are available with this app. You can add text, borders, shapes, frames, sayings, and design icons. You'll find a nice variety and styles of fonts included. Other features include photo filters and easy export to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are lots of free design packs to choose from (like the ones I've used below). Plus, there are a bunch of fantastic design packs to purchase for a small fee. It does take some getting used to, but you'll be designing great images in no time.

The Studio Design app is also great for making quotes with your photos or a colored background. My favorite features include: the layers, which you can rearrange for different effects, and the transparency feature for making watermark effects. You can also take a design shortcut (cheat!) by remixing other user's designs by browsing and then tapping the "remix" button. You can also browse and get more Studio ideas by searching #madewithstudio on Instagram or on their social media pages (links below). Give it a try, it's addicting!

Download the Studio App on their website:

{My decoupaged switch plate covers}
Made with the Alt Design and Hand Drawn design packs and text.

 {Big Kenny at a recent Big & Rich concert}
Made with the Jam Session design pack and two black bars at the top and bottom.

{A tasty corn, tomato and avocado salad}
Made with the Foodie design pack (red transparent square added behind) and a crop shape. I found the recipe on Pinterest from The Girl Who Ate Everything blog.

 {Fourth of July fair photo}
Remixed by user @joshnewton with a pointed transparent shape added behind.
{Flower background quote}
Made with Inspiration Nation design pack (yellow shadow added) and a transparent flower crop shape.
 Remix some of my designs in the Studio App: @blissmade
Instagram: @Blissmade_Designs
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