Thursday, April 7, 2011

Craft Artist Spotlight: A Picket Fence Life

I chose a scrapbooker for this month's Craft Artist Spotlight! I first came across Judy's work by stumbling upon her great blog: A Picket Fence Life. I just love all her fun and colorful paperbag scrapbooks! They come in a lot of different themes. Plus she has a really great blog design and interesting posts.

To make her wonderful scrapbooks, she takes actual paper bags and binds them to form a scrapbook with pocket pages. She then adds paper, ribbon, a lots of fun embellishments. They are smaller in size and are quick to complete, perfect for beginners. Use them for scrapbooking individual events, trips, or people. The size makes them perfect for displaying on a desk or coffee table. These scrapbooks also make great gifts! For a really special gift, you can also order a custom scrapbook.


  1. Hi Cameo!

    Thanks so much for this post! I'm just NOW seeing it. :( I've been offline more than on lately.


  2. This is cool. I love the colours and the LO. Thanks for sharing.


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