Friday, December 31, 2010

Create Your Own Epoxy Shapes and Acrylic Buttons

Photo courtesy of Epiphany Crafts
I just discovered these great craft tools! You can make your own custom epoxy shapes and clear acrylic buttons with the Shape Studio and Button Studio tools. They are made by Epiphany Crafts, and they come in a lots of different shapes and sizes. They are so easy to make and the finished product looks great! You can use them on your scrapbooking pages, cards, or craft projects. The tools seem a little pricey, but you save money in the long run, because epoxy shapes and patterned buttons are expensive! Check out their videos on how to use their tools: Shape Studio Tool.

Some of the available tool shapes:

Photo courtesy of Epiphany Crafts
Here are Amazon links to my three favorite tools:
Update (2015): They now have charms available to make necklaces, keychains, etc. They turn out so cute and make great gifts!
Photo courtesy of Epiphany Crafts
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  1. Now that is a fun trick! Thanks for sharing.
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