Friday, November 5, 2010

Love Me Some Twitter!

I've been on Twitter for about two months now and I think I love it! Okay so I don't "tweet" a lot, and I think the verbs "tweet" and "retweet" are pretty weird, but you gotta check it out if you're not on there. You don't necessarily have to tweet (post), you can just create an account and follow people. I like getting little tidbits about different things from celebrities, artists, people I know, and from random people.

I also like posting little things (in 140 characters or less) about my day, things I like, great coupon codes and freebies, recipes, and of course crafty stuff. I also like to retweet things that other people post including their craft projects and websites, recipes, quotes, and funny things! 

It's really easy to create a new account. You can customize your colors and background or choose from a bunch of great templates. I've fully customized my page and I think it looks pretty good! They do have a new version of Twitter now that unfortunately cuts off my logo, so I'm sticking to the old version for now. My twitter ID is @Blissmade, because the full name was too long (max of 15 characters)! Here are some of my favorite people/companies I follow:
You can follow me on twitter @Blissmade. I also have a Twitter widget on my sidebar to the right that gives updates on my tweets. If you're already on Twitter, please leave a comment about why you love or who you follow on Twitter. You can also include your Twitter ID if you'd like. Have fun tweeting!

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