Monday, November 22, 2010

Blissful Things 2010

I was inspired to create a list of my own favorite things after watching Oprah's Favorite Things. These are my favorite items that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, I am not Oprah so I cannot give all these things to you! But hopefully you will find something you like to get for yourself or for a gift, or bookmark them for the future.

I love this machine for making cocoa, cappuccino, and chai tea. You just add the mix, water or milk, and turn it on. The machine blends your drink perfectly and heats it to the perfect temperature. You know when it's done, because you can hear it stop. Then you can use the frother button and dispense it into your cup with the nozzle. If there is still some left, you can leave the machine on and when the temperature falls, then it will start back up again and reheat it. It's perfect for cold winter nights or use it year round.
*Update: this version is no longer available (recall), but here is a comparable machine: Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Hot Chocolate Maker  

I love buying handmade items for gifts! They are so unique and are very well received. I don't own this clock yet by the company Uncommon, but I just love it! They have a great Etsy shop with other fabulous clocks, as well as other wooden handmade items. They also sell gift certificates; in case you can't decide what item would be the perfect gift.

I love using Maghound to get my magazines! You get your magazines for one low monthly price. Memberships start at $4.95 per month. The more magazines you get, the more you save. The best part is there is no commitment; you can change your magazine selections or cancel at anytime. If you have a magazine that isn't monthly, then they will send you one from your substitute list on the month it doesn't come. They have a free trial and gift memberships. Give it a try!
*Update: Sorry, Maghound is no longer in business.

This is a great little exercise machine! Someday I hope to get a full-sized elliptical machine, but this one is perfect for me right now. It's portable and affordable. It's also very quiet; it's perfect to use while watching TV. You could put this anywhere: in your living room, bedroom, or office. You can change the tension with the knob and there is a timer on it. Plus you get a great workout!

I just recently got this and I love it! I'm big into iced coffee and this is perfect for on-the-go. It is a double walled acrylic cup with screw on lid and thick straw. The double walled cup keeps hands and table dry from condensation. This is also great for smoothies or other cold beverages. 

 Deluxe Salad Kit                   Cereal To-Go 

EZ Freeze StayFit Containers

I have a few of these and they are great! They come equipped with little ice packs in the lid that you store in your freezer. They are really handy for on the go, they keep your food cold and separate in a small, portable container. I especially like the Deluxe Salad Kit and the Deluxe Cereal Kit, which are shown above.

                                          So Easy                     The Food You Crave
Ellie Krieger Cookbooks

You may have seen Ellie Krieger's show Healthy Appetite on the Food Network. I do like her show, but I LOVE her cookbooks! I couldn't decide on just one for the list, they are both great! I've made a bunch of recipes from each and they have all been so good. Most of them are really easy to make, and they are good for you. I was lucky enough to see her cooking live when she made a few recipes from her cookbook and then signed them at the Mall Of America.

These YourStory bookbinding kits make a great gift for a photo taker or a scrapbooker. The machines come in two sizes. The older version in white binds books up to 12 inches as well as laminates. The newer version in gray is smaller, less expensive, and doesn't laminate. The new version is perfect for making 4x6 and 5x7 photo books. Both YourStory kits come with book covers to bind your books, the larger one also comes with laminating sheets. You can also find websites that tell you how to make your own book covers, and also what other brands of laminating sheets will work in the machine.
*Updated Links (11/2014) : Large Version and Small Version 

I received one of these as a gift and I love it! The one I have is very similar to this one, just without the ornate wood pieces. This one is from the store Kirkland's, which you can also get on their website. There are other versions at different price ranges at this store and other stores. The best things about these mirror jewelry armoires are: they don't take up much room, you hang them on your wall, and they hold a lot of jewelry. They hold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. I don't wear rings, so I put my smaller hoop earrings in the ring slots.

*Update (2015): This one is no longer available on the Kirkland's link, but I found a comparable one on Amazon SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Mirror, Cherry

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